Episode Review: The Best Defense S3E8

Posted: February 16, 2011 in The Best Defense

On this week’s episode of The Best Defense we began with an apartment living scenario. In a fresh change of pace, the stars of the scenario were neither Rob Pincus nor Michael Janich. I am not sure that the Gatekeeper door stop/alarm product is very feasible in an apartment; I just think the nuisance of using it regularly would cause people not to use it. This does look like a great solution though for those in a hotel setting.

Janich had some tips on home defense like noting where your solid backstops are, any choke points you might have, or how you can use mirrors to help view other rooms. There was some good information, but as is usually my biggest gripe, they glossed right over a lot of considerations.  I have been happy to see some topics revisited this season like hardening interior and exterior doors, but I would like to see more focus on a theme and really cover a topic in-depth.  Home defense preparations are a huge topic and deserving of much more airtime.

Here’s one thought on HD that I do not think can be said enough.  If you wear glasses or contacts regularly, make sure you ALWAYS have a pair at your bedside.  Should you ever be involved in a ‘critical dynamic incident’, you will not only need to have them to survive, but imagine what a lawyer could do to you in a courtroom if it was shown that you fired while essentially blind.

Rob talked about the importance of training with a sub-caliber pocket pistol.  I couldn’t agree more with the need for training on these pistols.  I’m thinking about picking up a Ruger LC9 soon and intend on shooting it regularly in practice and in side-matches. Rob’s scenario brings up a few interesting points.

1)      If you are going to carry a pocket pistol, be sure to keep at least one spare magazine with you.  6 or 7 shots can happen very quickly.

2)      Have some alternate means of defending yourself.  A knife or flashlight can be a great option. I think that having something that is less lethal is really smart.

3)      As Michael Bane noted in his tip, have something to carry your ammo in.  Pockets of are not meant to carry magazines. You don’t want to pull your hand out of your pocket empty, or grab your phone instead of the magazine.

For more about The Best Defense, check out downrange.tv

  1. Michael MArtin says:

    -I agree that they just seem to gloss right over a lot of the really important details when discussing a topic. I understand they need to cover several things in an episode and that they are trying to reach a broad audience but what about us folks that already have the background and are looking for a bit more detail. I would like to see a show where they pick one topic and cover it in detail. On the subject of pocket pistols…I like the idea that if you are going to carry one you should carry two. In my mind it is more realistic to stow a tiny pocket pistol…say in your ankle holster and have the ability to reach down and just grab it (behind cover ofcourse). I do not see reloading a pocket pistol in the middle of a gun fight as a viable option (especially if it is a revolver) . I also think a laser is essential given how tiny the sights are on most of these guns. I have actually been thinking about a stun gun or taser as a non leathal option. Seems like it would be just as satisfying frying a bad guy with a taser as it would be to shoot him with a pistol…and you don’t have to pay for a lawyer.

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