IDPA Classifier Preparations

Posted: February 16, 2011 in IDPA

This weekend I am shooting the IDPA classifier for the first time.  I consider myself a decent shooter and usually come in among the top few at my local matches of 30 to 40 shooters. I will probably be much more competitive if I end up ranked as an expert, but who doesn’t want to end up in the ‘master class?’

Now I realize that the point of the classifier is to see how you rank, not what performance you can reach with specific training.  That said, I intend to put at least a little thought and training in to make sure that I shoot at my potential, rather than suffering from a meltdown (like not loading a magazine all the way before a string of fire, not that I have ever done that before).

Classifier Cheat-Sheet
To start my preparation that first thing I did was revisit the ‘Quest for Master Class’ that Caleb Giddins had done for  The videos and descriptions there are helpful in picturing the classifier and understanding the course of fire. I was particularly interested in how he scored substantially better when placing a higher precedent on speed than accuracy. I tend to shoot my matches with few points down, and know that I could improve overall if I went a little quicker, and didn’t take extra shots on standard Vickers targets.

I also googled classifier tips and found a great post here along with a forum posting here. A shooting buddy had done something similar, and the result is the spreadsheet linked here that has a recap of the strings of fire along with tips that go along with them.  We will use this for a quick practice shoot tonight and have it as a reference during the day of the classifier.

Download the spreadsheet here

Classifier Dry-Fire Video
Recently I found some PowerPoint files of various classifiers for dry fire practice on the Brian Enos forums.  I have found that by making the slides advance automatically and converting from powerpoints into windows media files that I can play these on my flat screen off a USB drive.  This seems like a much better solution for dry fire practice than taping targets to the wall. I’ve made files for both the full IDPA classifier as well as draw practice with 1.5 second par times. You can view the videos on youtube or download from the links below.  Note: if your TV won’t play files off of USB  you can use AppleTV or other internet TV to get the videos from youtube onto the TV.

Download the WMV in 720p below:
IDPA Classifier

Draw Practice

Credits for the original files goes to jnikoley on Brian Enos forums.

  1. Michael Martin says:

    I think this spreadsheet is a really good document. I plan on printing it out and using it not only as study guide, but I will be keeping a copy in my range bag as a “cheat sheet” to use a reference point the day of the classifier.

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