Episode Review: The Best Defense S3E9

Posted: February 23, 2011 in The Best Defense

This week’s best defense focused on situational awareness.  The importance of being able to identify and avoid a potentially dangerous situation cannot be overstated. One thing I found interesting about Rob’s firearms training is that there is no one perfect home defense gun for all situations.  While many have recently come to prefer a carbine for home defense due to high ammo capacity and reduced risk of over-penetration, its size can be a limitation in tight quarters. The same goes for shotguns, which are otherwise ideal for those who live in out in the woods where protection from animals may be a concern.  For me, living in the tight confines of a condominium, a pistol is the best fit for my particular space.  It is also the firearm I am most proficient with, so the choice here is a no-brainer.

Michael Bane’s tip regarding keeping hearing protection in your safe room is worth considering.  I would suggest balancing the cost and feasibility of electronic hearing pro against the low-tech approach of a few SureFire ear pro or the cost of a tax stamp and suppressor. This becomes even more important in the smaller confines of a safe room.

Lastly, it would sure be nice if the opening scenario were not always repeated twice nearly back to back.  Between the opening sequence and the preview for the next episode, this just makes a 30-minute show even more pressed for time, and prevents more detailed discussion of great topics like: items to keep in your safe room.


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