Defensive Pistol Match

Posted: March 6, 2011 in IDPA, Shotguns

Along with IDPA, the Northern Colorado Rod & Gun Club also hosts a Defensive Pistol match each month. This is very similar to IDPA, but with a few less restraints.  For one thing, the stages are not designed to be revolver neutral and there are no limits to how much ammo you can place in your magazines.  For those that have the 33rd glock magazines, this is your chance to use this for fun and profit. I particularly enjoyed the increased amount of steel and no-shoot targets in this format.  For me, it’s another chance to practice IDPA type shooting and get some more trigger time in.  There’s absolutely no reason you can’t adhere to every IDPA rule while doing this such as drawing from concealment, and loading no more than 10 rounds in a magazine.

I said previously that I’m going to focus more on accuracy in the near-term here. I’ve not put in the range time on this yet, but my performance today shows again the need.  I had a handful of points down on some shooting that wasn’t too difficult.  Most importantly were some misses on steel that should have been easy hits – I got a bit sloppy on my trigger control and the steel reminded me to start paying attention again.

We had another shotgun side match which was again a blast, I’m really liking the new shotgun and now need to work on my reloading skills.  We had a reload heavy stage and I spent most of the time fishing for shells in my pockets, so I’ll be getting some shell caddies in the near future, and still anxiously await a shell carrier side-saddle that’s apparently on back order until the end of time.

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