Gear Review: Nordic Components +2 Magazine Tube Extension

Posted: March 7, 2011 in Benelli Super Nova, Shotguns

One of the most common proverbs around shot gunning is that “in a gun fight, you will only have the ammunition in or on the gun.” Shotgun shells are a bit bulky, heavy, and unwieldy. In a home defense situation, you are not going to have time to grab a bunch of accessories like shot shell caddies or bandoliers – you’ll be lucky if you end up wearing any clothes.

My first upgrade to my Benelli Super Nova is to add capacity to the number of rounds I can store “in the gun”.  There are a number of magazine tube extensions out there for any shotgun, and they range in price and quality anywhere from $30 for an el cheapo Tac-Star to $90 for the extension I’m reviewing here.  When you consider it is basically a section of pipe with a nut attached it seems quite the rip-off, but I wanted to get the best equipment available, and a few hours of researching my options and opinions in various forums, suggested this was the best option available.  (For a nice round up of some other extension tubes check out this review on a Remington 870 blog).

I ordered the magazine extension directly from Nordic Components on their website and asked in the comments if they could have it to me by Friday so I could install it before a match.  The order shipped the next day and I had it in time.  For comparison, I also ordered a side-saddle shell carrier the same day and two weeks later it still hasn’t showed up.  I called the reseller and they have told me I can expect it sometime in the next month (maybe).

As I had already learned online, all extension tubes ship with the same ridiculously long spring so there’s some trimming required to make everything fit. Here’s an image of the +2 shot extension tube with the spring so long it doesn’t fit in the picture. Also there’s two stickers if you like that sort of thing.

When you remove the barrel you can see that the stock spring only extends slightly further than the end of the barrel.  I tried to keep this in mind with the new spring, but the coils are a bit tighter on it and so it really became a matter of trial and error.  You will need some needle nose pliers to remove the factory spring retainer, and you will absolutely need wire snips if you plan to get the full capacity in the tube. I’d also advise wearing your shooting glasses when you do this as the spring will be under a lot of pressure when you try to screw the extension tube on.

Here you can see the factory spring (on top) compared to the amount that I had to trim off the new spring. You will need to have some 2-3/4” shells or snap caps around to confirm if you can fit the advertised capacity.  On my second try, I was still 1 round short of my advertised capacity so I took a few more lengths off until I could just fit all rounds.  This makes for a little more effort loading shells, but should resolve any potential feed issues.

The fit & finish of the extension tube is great.  The nut that screws it in easily matches the Benelli aesthetic and the anodizing looks like it came straight from the factory.  The +2 tube length is just shy of the barrel length which I am fine with, a +3 sticks out a little too far for my tastes and can be an issue if you ever shoot a 3-gun stage that requires you stow the gun in a barrel or otherwise put too much pressure on an extension tube.

There is not much to report as far as it’s function. It works exactly as advertised increasing my round capacity to 7+1. I’ve only had a chance to use the shotgun in two IDPA side matches but both times it’s worked great and I’m glad to have the extra capacity.  Plus it just makes the gun look complete, I feel like it was looking a bit bare in the stock configuration. Here’s a picture of my IDPA + Side Match setup:

  • Beretta 92G Elite II with Dawson Precision Fiber front sight/Novak rear, Hogue grip, MecGar Optimum magazines with Beretta Rubber base-plates shooting 124gr Federal American Eagle.
  • Benelli SuperNova Tactical shooting Winchester Reduced Noise/Reduced Recoil #8 Target Load and Remington Managed Recoil “Slugger” 12ga slugs.
  • Peltor TacSport Electronic hearing
  • ESS CrossBow Silencer eye protection.
  1. Jeremy says:

    You said that its a +2 extension. The nova/supernova is 4+1 from the factory. In the article you say it is now 7+1. Shouldnt it be 6+1? I just ordered the same extension hoping to cram 7 into the tube but it says it only adds 2 shells to the 4+1 factory capacity. Was the 7+1 a typo?
    Thanks for the info.

    • Jason says:

      I just confirmed that with 2-3/4″ shells that you can feed 7 shells in the tube +1 in the chamber. You would only fit 6+1 with 3″ shells.

      • Jeremy says:

        Thanks for the reply. Do you remember what length you cut the nordic replacement spring to? Mine will be here tomorrow it would save me a lot of trial and error cutting haha.
        Thanks again
        So youre saying with the nordic “+2″ extension it allows for 7 2 3/4″ in the actual tube plus 1 in the chamber correct? I wonder why nordic lists it as +2 unless they measure it with 3” shells. Who knows. If you could tell me what length you cut the spring to that would be awesome. Thanks a lot .

      • Jason says:

        Your understanding is correct. I don’t know what the length was, and I’m worried that if I measure it now that the spring may have compressed in the two years or so since I put it in. Plan on a few trial and errors. You’ll want to make sure that it will load properly both with only one round in the tube(make sure you don’t go too short), but not impossible to get the last round in (at the initial length). Good luck

  2. Jeff says:

    WOW! I see a illegally converted shotgun made to hold more than five rounds. 922r says, any foreign made semi auto shotgun can not have an extension tube put on to increases it’s capacity past five rounds. You would have to take off the stock with the pistol grip in order to make it legal again or remove the tube extension.

    • Jason says:

      It’s an interesting point and I just did some research to clear this up. When I think of 922r I typically think of AKs and Saiga’s. I had always thought that the 922r only applied to semiautomatic’s and not to pump action shotguns, but looking further into it; the pump actions do fall underneath this. Thank you for bringing this up, I found lots of differing answers when googling this. It looks like the Super Nova will require 2 american made parts to be compliant. I’m ordering a Nordic Components follower (they have one now specifically for the SuperNova) and a Geissele Automatics M4 Hammer. I’ll be putting up another post about this specifically shortly.

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