Monthly ‘Fun Gun’ Match – Front Range Gun Club

Posted: March 8, 2011 in Front Range Gun Club

Last night I shot the monthly ‘fun gun’ match at my local shooting range.  This is a chance to get out in front of the shooting booths, engage multiple targets, and shoot on the move. There are limited target options in an indoor setting, but the weather is a lot better than my outdoor matches, and it goes faster too.

This was my first time doing a man-on-man match indoors.  We had two shoot no-shoot targets with a load out of 8,2,8,2 in the magazines and a minimum of 8 rounds on each target.  One target seemed to be presented a little more than the other- so it took some discipline to not put too many rounds into the target that was presented more.

We also shot the 10-50-1 drill, otherwise known as the Triple Nickel. The goal here is to put 10 shots into 5 targets with one reload in under 5 seconds, while drawing from concealment. We use IPSC targets just cut down to just the side of the ‘C’ zone. So far, my best attempt was making 9 out of the 10 shots in 5.61 seconds. Tonight I dropped a few more points and didn’t shoot quite as fast.

In this case, I feel like my main goal here is to work on speed first and accuracy second. Even though I’m dropping some shots, I think that if I could put some dedicated practice into this drill, I could start to nail it. Index shooting this close and fast is not something I have really practiced, and it’s very unnatural to shoot with such a poor sight picture.


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