Guns on the Run – an Indoor 2-gun Event

Posted: March 24, 2011 in Uncategorized

On Monday, I shot an indoor 2-gun match at the Front Range Gun Club in Loveland, CO.  This was my first time trying out this format and it was more fun than I expected.  I did two things that hurt my score a bit here.  I make a point to put the carbine on safe when moving from one shooting position to another and when I had gotten into a new position, my brain wasn’t working right and I thought I had a malfunction so I did a tap-rack-click and realized my problem, but the course had limited ammunition so I now had to retrieve a live case from the ground to finish all my shots.  My second issue was that there were two targets that had a no-shoot in front of them that I just managed to clip (below the paper-plate Texas-star and between the swingers).  I was pretty impressed by these targets and I appreciate my club’s attempts to make some interesting targets for an indoor shoot like this.

One take-away that I found shooting this indoors is that my front sight posts are slow to acquire on dark targets.  Long term I would like to get an EOTech or Aimpoint sight, but I think I may just replace the front post for now.  I have found some good options for tritium, fiber optic, or tritium/fiber optic so I just need to narrow down my needs and pick the right choice.  I will probably second-guess this for a while longer before I pull the trigger on any new AR parts.


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