Upgrade Review: BMT Clamp & VTAC Sling

Posted: April 3, 2011 in Benelli Super Nova, Shotguns

Ever since I got my Benelli Super Nova tactical, I’ve been looking for a good sling solution. I’ve spent a lot of time researching options and am happy to have found a good solution.

The biggest challenge with the Benelli is the pistol-grip stock.  I really like the feel and fit of this stock, but it does present obstacles when it comes to sling mounts.  Most of the after-market sling attachments are designed for the M4,M3, etc and won’t work on the SuperNova.  I decided to take advantage of the built-in attachment point that will fit a 1″ wide sling.

The front mount is a quick-disconnect swivel on a barrel and magazine tube clamp made by CDM Gear. I found out about this mount on the excellent rem870 blog.  It has completely lived up to my expectations with superb fit & finish. I debated for some time over the MOD-C mount with a 1″ diameter light, but ended up with the BMT clamp with a section of rail instead.  It cuts down on my light options, but I figure that many times I’ll be using this gun without a light attached and this keeps things nice and clean.

I added the optional sling-swivel kit to the mount that includes the QD socket and a single 1.25″ QD swivel.

The rail section appears very study and should allow for easy mounting and removal of a weapon light while keeping wieght near the muzzle to a minimum.

The fit appears very solid.  The kit came with some small rubber spacer/shims to help protect the barrel, but I found it fit better without them.

The sling is a Viking Tactics / 5.11 padded 2-point sling. I picked this because it was one of the very few options out there in a 1″ diameter.  In retrospect, if I purchased this again I would have gone with the “upgraded model” that has a different pull tab and some elastic to cover the buckles.

I personally prefer a single-point sling attachment so I am using the 1″ IWC 2-to-1 tri-glide that adds a QD swivel into the sling itself.

This sling does have a nice quick-adjustment feature, but it was a challenge to get the adjustment just right for use as both a 2-point and single-point sling. At this point my only complaint is that there is a lot of plastic buckle pieces on each end of the sling and I still don’t have a quick disconnect from the butt-stock attachment point. Noveske just released a QD rear sling mount that should fit this stock; I have one on order and will try that out shortly along with a VCAS sling and see how it compares.

So, how does it all work? Pretty well. To make the sling work in both a single and 2-point method, I’ve had to adjust the sling length so that it extends just enough to cover both cases, it’s a little quirky, but I finally got it just right. In a 2-point configuration, the padding of the sling fits comfortably over the shoulder and the gun has very little movement.  In a single-point, the gun hangs at rest just where you would want it to be, and from either scenario it’s easy to bring the gun up to a firing stance.

  1. Michael says:

    The Benelli is looking good! I am still in the process of determining which shotgun I am going to go with. I really enjoyed shooting yours in the side match.

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