Perishable Skills

Posted: May 1, 2011 in IDPA

Today I shot in a Defensive Pistol Match at the Northern Colorado Rod & Gun Club. It has otherwise been three weeks since I shot an IDPA match, or had a chance to get any rounds down range.  Boy did it suck.  While I managed to come out without too many points down, I had two major malfunctions of the cranial variety.  Firstly, I had one stage that required a mandatory reload halfway through and I just completely forgot which is not only a penalty but also a ‘failure to do right.’ Secondly, I had an all steel stage and I just couldn’t knock them down for the life of me.  There was a dueling tree at about 15 feet out and the first few plates went well, but then I blew away half a magazine trying to knock down the last plate.  Combine that with some other misses and it’s clear that I was just not on top of my game at all.  I’ve been incredibly busy with work lately and it’s kept me off the range, but if I’m going to have a chance at all at the state match later this month then I really need to get in at least once a week and start making dryfire a nightly priority.

Otherwise, I had an awesome time shooting the match and really enjoy the defensive pistol format.  It’s basically like IDPA but with no limits on magazine capacity, and a lot more targets.  It’s kind of a nice mix between IPSC and IDPA type shooting, and absolutely work checking out. Hope to see you there.

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