Back in the saddle

Posted: January 15, 2012 in Front Range Gun Club

After a few months of very little shooting, I come into the New Year with big plans for getting more rounds downrange and improving my shooting abilities. Of course, I’ve previously made similar statements and droned on about how even small breaks in shooting make a huge difference in just how well we shoot – so no more of that.

Last week I went back in and shot a fun-gun match at the Front Range Gun Club.  I came in at 6th out of 34 shooters. Overall, I shot much better than I was expecting going into it. My shooting speed is much the same, but I am not tracking my sights as well and the groups are larger as a result. The two main things I need to work on are reloads and accuracy. The good news is that reloads are easy to improve. I can dry fire and work on those at home and they should come together very quickly. I’ve found that dry firing over my bed makes it very easy to pick up the dropped mags and keep going. Accuracy of course is another story.

This week marks that start of the pistol combat league as well as the first ever “Top Shot” shoot at the Front Range Gun Club. This is simply a fun way for club members to try some unusual challenges similar to what you may have seen on the History Channel’s Top Shot. Of course, they have things like a budget. Fortunately, our game is not a popularity contest so it’s all going to be about skill – or so I thought… The first night of our Top Shot competition was just like the TV show, ridiculous challenges that ensured our firearms proficiency had little to do with our scores. Just watch below and see the train wreck that was my attempt:

The combat league shoot went substantially better by comparison. Not great, but much better. I look forward to shooting many more of these as they are great practice for some of my other shooting.

  1. Michael Martin says:

    Great to see you back and shooting. I am not participating in either the combat or top shot comps yet. Susan and I are in the process of getting all of our reloading equipment s that we can both shoot at the frequency necessary to truly hone our skills. We both have committed to getting better at comps. I was hesitant about the top shot stuff until they iron out the format and personally I feel just standing there waiting for the target to turn is not adding much value to my comp training so I have not been doing combat league. You should see Susan and I start going to the range again in the next 3 weeks or so. Have you thought any more on if you are going to get another pistol to compete with? Good to see you are back!

  2. Jason says:

    I feel like the combat league is ideal for making me work on maintaining good trigger pulls while trying to shoot quickly and accurately. I prefer outdoor shooting with actual movement, but I feel like this is the best way for me to make sure that I actually get some shooting in every week in addition to the monthly matches. Hope to see you around again soon, and no plans for another gun just yet- I bought another shotgun for duck hunting and so I’ve hit my quota for awhile.

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