Shooting has been an interest of mine since I was a child and my father first took me to the range. In the years since, I’ve always wanted to shoot competitively and see just how far I could progress. In 2010 I decided to get off my butt and start shooting regularly. I’m now attending multiple matches each month, and following the firearms industry pretty closely. Shoot-No-Shoot is simply a place to share observations as I continue to go through this constant learning process.

Good places to shoot in Colorado
I shoot most frequently at the Front Range Gun Club in Loveland, Colorado. It’s the best range I’ve ever been to and I’m proud to be a member.  There may be nicer facilities out there, or longer distance ranges, but I’ve never met a more friendly group of people.

I try to shoot each month at the Front Range IDPA near Idaho Springs and the Northern Colorado IDPA just north of Fort Collins. I also shoot at the Front Range Gun Club’s weekly combat handgun league.

Some of the guns I like to shoot
My competition guns
Beretta 92G Elite II – They really don’t make them like this any more
S&W M&P 15MOE – A lightweight and fast AR for 2-gun league
Benelli SuperNova Tactical – A new addition for shooting side matches and 3-gun

Hunting & Fun Guns
Tikka T3 Lite .308 – Proven on antelopes in the plains of Wyoming
Mossberg 500 – Ducks have proven easier than clays so far
Gen 1 Glock 19 – A fine service pistol that should last forever
Ruger 10/22 – Currently on loan from my father, return date TBD

  1. Michael MArtin says:

    I like the first run at the blog. Can’t wait for more content.

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