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Lessons from Today’s IDPA Match

Posted: February 12, 2011 in IDPA

Today I shot at the Front Range IDPA monthly meet. I had a great time despite the day starting off pretty cold. My first few courses of fire went well, but as I pushed to get faster, I started losing track of some fundamentals and sent a few more down range than necessary. There were two courses of fire in particular where I could have improved greatly.

Calling Shots
One was a mixed range shots on standard cardboard targets. I wasn’t properly calling my shots and where I couldn’t see hits, I took a few extra shots for good measure.  Looking back at the tape now I can see these easily cost me more time than had I stopped after my first two shots, even if I was a point down or two.

Need for Speed
For some reason, Steel feels like it should be easy. The plates are a good size and a hit anywhere should do. So how come i spent so much time chasing down the shots today, especially on the Texas Stars? My best theory is that I was moving too fast hoping to get lucky on the shot rather than slowing down and focusing on my trigger pull.  I feel that your mind can only concentrate on one specific fundamental when shooting in a competition.  Sometimes that manta you repeat inside your head is simple “front sight, front sight, front sight.” Today it should have been “reset, reset, reset”. When I’m thinking about good trigger discipline and the feel of resetting each shot, the steel just seem to drop from their own volition.  Now I just have to remember this on the next go out.