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Last Saturday I shot a Steel Challenge match for the first time at the Northern Colorado Rod & Gun Club.  It was a lot of fun and very different from any of the steel I’ve shot before in IDPA matches.  Steel Challenge is a bit deceptive, most of the shooting is pretty easy, but the big steel plates can lull you into a false sense of your skill and speed, and it is easy to go faster than you can sustain.  I think this balancing act of speed and precision is fantastic practice for a lot of other shooting sports and is the best example I’ve found yet of the fact that you can’t miss faster than you can make hits.

Here’s a video of each stage, I’ve edited out the really horrible runs 🙂

I look forward to my next Steel Challenge match, I think my goal next time will be to shoot each stage with no more than 1 miss. I would say I’d like to shoot it clean, but if I don’t miss here and there, then I know I’m not pushing it enough.